Services for Employees

Whether you are starting a new job, experiencing changes or challenges in your current position, or leaving your employer, Michelle provides efficient, customized, and practical advice in a variety of areas, including:

Severance package reviews

Analysis and review of proposed severance agreements and packages, negotiation support, ensuring compliance with laws.

Contract negotiations

Review and negotiation of employment contracts and agreements, advising on terms, drafting contracts.

Wrongful Dismissal

Representation for wrongful dismissal claims, defense against allegations, legal counsel.

Sexual Harassment

Assistance with complaints and investigations, anti-harassment policies and training, representation for victims.

Toxic Work Environment

Assistance with identifying and mitigating toxicity, policy creation and implementation, legal support.

Disability Claims

Assistance with claims and accommodations, navigating legal landscape, expertise in fulfilling obligations.

Benefits Disputes

Resolution of disputes, legal support for denied benefits, assistance with understanding regulations.


Assistance with terminations, policy and procedure creation and implementation, representation in cases.

Michelle has a passion for employment law and is genuinely interested in helping her clients successfully navigate their employment relationships. Michelle aims to provide you with quality advice that will help you:

Manage risks

Clearly understand your options, and

Move forward with confidence